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Dreamland education & Tourism is a one of the trustworthy  visa consultancy firm in Bangladesh.

Welcome To DreamLand Education and Tourism.

Welcome to dreamland education & tourism ,one of the best visa consultancy firm . We provided
International Admission services .In passing years our international Admission service has successfully
supported large number of students .We also work for tourist visa .
If your dream is higher education in abroad and wants travelling world then you can visit our office .


Why we are different?

What makes us different makes us better.

Dreamland Education & Tourism is one of the renowned and trusted student recruitment agencies based in Bangladesh. It came into existence in 2017 and since its inception; we have worked incredibly hard to keep up to the mark satisfying the needs of the students and our partner universities.With our team efforts and services, we’ll attain our goal in a short time. Dreamland education & Tourism is a trusted visa consultancy firm in Bangladesh.

Our services initiate with visa services. We serve for building long term realtionship with our clients. We are committed to providing excellent educational counseling to student applying for overseas universities at any level.Our mission is to give you opportunities in the best subjects at the best universities in the UK, CANADA, USA, and so on…



Study in Canada

You’ll find a high standard of living in Canada. International students benefit from the same rights and freedoms that protect all Canadians: respect for human rights, equality, diversity and a stable, peaceful society. Canada ranks in third place globally for the best quality of life.

Study in UK

If you study in the UK, your degree will be recognized and respected around the world. Receiving a degree from a UK university will provide you with a solid foundation for the real world and will help you get your dream job. Studying in the UK will make your CV stand out to prospective employers.

Study in USA

American universities offer a flexible academic environment. Studying abroad in America provides an ideal environment for students, characterized by flexible methods of education and continuous development process for students in the various fields of studies.

Study in Sweden

Study in Sweden because internationally renowned   education system. There are no language barrier .The Swedish education system focuses more on your academic interests than pushing you to achieve grade .


Study in Finland

In Finland tution fees are affordable ;chance to study .It’s free for most students .With more 10000 international students ,studying in Finland .Finland is a welcoming country for foreigners .

Study in Germany

Germany is a perfect place to  study ,there are outstanding universities ;safe country; stable country ;wide range of study programmes; diversity and  many more facilities available  .For MBA level international students can enjoy free tuition in German public universities.

Study in Denmark

Universities in Denmark are known for their thriving learning environment  and     high standard education. With a strong history of academic excellence, Denmark attracts thousands of students each year from all around the world to study at its internationally recognized universities.

Study in Netherlands

The Dutch teaching style is interactive and student centred . It is a country known for providing high-quality education to international students, with its universities ranking among the top in Europe and globally.


Study in Norway

Norway is a paradise for anyone who wants to study abroad for free. Public universities don’t charge any tuition fees. This policy applies to all international.


Study in Hungary

Hungary is a diverse, multicultural nation with lots of fun experiences for foreign students. The Hungary adhere to the best study traditions in the world. Hungary is one of the cheapest study abroad destinations in whole Europe.

Study in Italy

The country has been a hub for art, science, and higher education for hundreds of years. Italy boasts a high-quality education system and is home to the University of Bologna, the oldest university in the world.  

Study in Belgium

This is especially appealing given its high standard of living. Belgium offers international students a unique education experience steeped in rich history and vibrant culture, right in the heart of Europe.

Study in Ireland

There are currently over 32,000 international students studying in Ireland availing of the extensive range of courses available . High-Quality Education ,Lower cost of education, Work opportunities, Safe and friendly.

Study in Australia

Discover  how to  be  an  innovative, agile thinker .Many international students choose to study there because of the cultural diversity, friendly natives, and high quality of education .Australian universities are located in both urban and rural environments. When you choose to study at any of these universities, you’ll be able to travel to other  neighbouring  cities easily.

Study in Malta

Malta is one of the peaceful nations globally and has an ideal environment for international students. Malta’s education system is favourable for international students On an average an international student can earn 8 – 12 euros per hour as part-time .

About Tourism Visa

Tourist visas are official travel documents issued to foreign visitors for leisure purpose . Tourism visa include our services. We work for tourism visas for a variety of countries , including  US ,UK, Canada ,Australia & Schengen area.

Tourist visas typically allow the holder to stay in the host country for a short period. This can range from several days to several months. During the stay, tourist visa holders are not allowed to work or engage in non-tourist activities.With a tourist visa You cannot work, You cannot study , You cannot become a permanent resident, You cannot  do business .   There is usually no limit to how many times you can apply for a tourist visa— as long as you meet the requirements and you’ve respected the guidelines of your previous visas .A tourist visa is usually issued for 30 days.


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